Kawai GL-30 ATX II

The sound of hammers striking strings, resonating through solid spruce. The natural voice of an acoustic piano is truly unmistakeable. A fine piano entices musicians to perform with spontaneity and passion, yet such unbridled expressiveness may not always be appropriate. Indeed, in certain circumstances, an acoustic piano can prove disruptive; the diligent tones of children practising scales not necessarily welcomed by other family members wishing to watch television, for example. Even the most gentle, soothing Chopin preludes have the potential to irritate neighbours if performed after an acceptable time.

Fortunately, the ATX series (AnyTimeX) of instruments incorporate an acoustic muting feature with powerful digital audio components, allowing pianists to continue enjoying the distinctive feeling and touch of a grand piano, while listening in discreetly using private headphones. Exceptional touch, optimum responsiveness, digital flexibility – the new range of AnyTimeX hybrid pianos from Kawai.

Available in polished black only

  • Maker: Kawai
  • Price: £16,299
  • Height: 102cm
  • Width: 150cm
  • Depth: 164cm

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