Kawai K-15 ATX II

“Acoustic Piano Tranquility” from Kawai. In certain circumstances, an acoustic piano can prove disruptive; the diligent tones of children practising scales are unlikely welcomed by other family members wishing to watch television, for example. Kawai’s answer to this is the ‘Anytime’ system, which is available at extra cost on the first four upright piano models (K-15E, K-200, K-300, K-500). When required, the pianist is able to mute the acoustic element of the instrument, and replace this with the sound of an inbuilt digital piano which is audible through headphones only. The feeling of a traditional piano is retained, which can then be played without inhibition or fear of disturbing others!

Available in polished black finish only

  • Maker: Kawai
  • Price: £4,399
  • Height: 110cm
  • Width: 149cm
  • Depth: 59cm

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