Steingraeber Concert Grand D-232

The new Steingraeber & Sons D-232, the “little brother” of the E-272 concert grand, was showcased at the California, Frankfurt and Paris Music Exhibitions of 2008. The family resemblance is immediately apparent in the shape of the outer rim. Both the D and E models share the same excellent acoustic features, which results in a singing tone for which Steingraeber are justly famous. Other extraordinary features include the lightest top lid of any grand piano, up to 33% lighter than industrially manufactured lids. This contributes extra overtones, or harmonics to the core sound. Synthetic ivory key tops based on hygroscopic mineral material, and solid ebony sharps contribute to the wonderful feel of this piano. Playing has never been more lightning-fast, enjoyable and controllable. This instrument is truly a classic, professional concert grand through and through.

  • Maker: Steingraeber
  • Price: From £78,000
  • Height: 102cm
  • Width: 157cm
  • Depth: 232cm

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