Steingraeber Salon Grand B-192

New in 2011, the B-192 sets a new standard for grands of this size. First unveiled at the Bayreuth Festival, this 6’3” grand is probably the most popular Steingraeber model for use in the home. A true Steingraeber in every respect, this is truly a piano for the individual looking for the best that money can buy. Built without compromise in any respect, the tone produced by the B-192 is breathtaking. The touch is super-responsive and rewarding to the pianist – regardless of his or her technical ability. In addition to discerning private clients, this new grand piano is particularly well suited to professionals and for use in music conservatories.

  • Maker: Steingraeber
  • Price: From £56,400
  • Height: 103cm
  • Width: 154cm
  • Depth: 192cm

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