New and used Piano sales & consulting

Our range of upright and grand pianos covers the full spectrum of price and quality available on the world market. We are an independent company and are not tied to one particular brand.

In the case of new instruments, each piano selected for our showrooms is the best example of its type at every price point.  For our European brands, we frequently make personal factory visits to select the best from the best at source.

We also stock the widest range of restored and sympathetically rebuilt instruments – both upright and grand.   Makers include Steinway & Sons, C. Bechstein, Blüthner and Bösendorfer.

Our specialist delivery team cover the UK, Republic of Ireland and beyond.

Piano after-sales service

We don’t sell a piano that we don’t understand. We have close partnerships with our chosen piano suppliers. We make frequent piano factory visits to ensure that our product knowledge is up to date. To our customers, this means we ensure that their chosen piano continues to sound and play in the home exactly as the maker intended. When it comes to action regulation and piano voicing, we’ve picked up considerable “insider information” and tricks of the trade along the way from our suppliers.

Piano valuation for new and used Pianos

We offer a valuation service whether for your upright or grand piano. Typically, this would be for insurance purposes, or to establish a fair market value prior to selling the instrument, but there are many other reasons why you might wish or need to know how much your piano is worth. To do this accurately, we need to make an on-site examination of the instrument. Our standard service operates within a ten-mile radius of the city of Edinburgh, but we are able to offer this service UK wide by arrangement.

Piano tuning in Edinburgh

Your piano will only sound its best if it is in tune; this applies to all pianos, irrespective of quality. We offer a professional tuning service in your home, and we’ll take time to chat to you about the condition of your instrument. If you have any questions, we are always happy to answer them before commencing work. Sometimes, a piano may have lost the ability to stay in tune, often because of exposure to high temperatures, and particularly to low levels of relative humidity. If this is the case, we will advise you accordingly and discuss whether remedial work would be appropriate, and economically viable.

Piano repair in Edinburgh

We have a comprehensive Piano repair service and are able to take care of everything from a sticking key or squeaking pedal all the way through to work of the most technically challenging nature.

Edinburgh Piano restoration

We are able to sympathetically restore your upright or grand piano, returning it to its original splendour. Original parts are always used where available to ensure authenticity and to preserve the character and value of the instrument.  Where such parts are unavailable, we use suitable alternatives of equal or greater quality. We guarantee full restorations for five years. On completion, each instrument comes with an exhaustive schedule and certificate detailing all of the work carried out, right down to the tiniest detail.

The case of the well-travelled Steinway

The interesting tale of bringing an old Steinway grand back to life…

See the transformation

We are always on the lookout for old grand pianos of character, which have the potential to transform into something special. We found this elderly (c1905) Steinway Model ‘O’ grand piano in a lovely Victorian home in Edinburgh. It was in a rather sorry state, both inside and out. The piano had spent some time in India, and the unsuitable environment had taken its toll. The mahogany veneer was damaged and lifting in many areas. More problematic was the soundboard, which was in a dreadful condition, as the photographs show. Not only had the soundboard lost its crown, and been badly split in numerous places, it featured a festoon of screws, where someone had been trying to mitigate the damage caused and prevent further problems. In this case, the “cure” was probably worse than the original problem.

This was a textbook case for a complete rebuild. Given the extremely poor state of the mahogany veneer, we decided to repolish in black polyester. We fitted a new soundboard and wrestplank, and restrung the piano. We used original Steinway parts throughout for renovation of the action. The photographs following restoration show the incredible transformation achieved. The piano plays, feels, and sounds like it would have done when new in 1905. It now has the potential to be enjoyed by another three generations of owners.   A very rewarding exercise for us, and now all that awaits is finding a new home for this wonderful instrument.

Here is a selection of some of our other piano restoration projects.

A restored Steinway grand piano A restored Bösendorfer baby grand piano in our secret showroom A restored Bluthner grand piano

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