I mentioned previously that we had acquired a beautiful old Blüthner grand piano which originally belonged to the musical Hess family. For aficionados of Blüthners, it was a ‘style 8’ in rosewood from around the year 1904.

The grand piano was much loved and had consequently received a huge amount of use over the years. We had earmarked this instrument for a complete rebuild.

Well – we have just received this grand piano back from our friends at Piano Restorations, and it is absolutely stunning. Piano Restorations are specialists in the professional and sympathetic restoration of Blüthner pianos. Their experience and expertise in this area really is second to none worldwide.

Original Blüthner parts are used throughout. Where these are unavailable for any reason, replacements of equal or greater quality are employed.

In addition, the beautiful casework has been lovingly repolished to bring out the stunning figuring which is characteristic of genuine rosewood.

How does the Blüthner sound and play, though? The emphatic answer is – at least as good as when it left the Leipzig factory in 1904! Above all, the grand piano has retained the typical “velvet” tone and character so beloved by Blüthner devotees.

Once we’ve given the Blüthner its first tuning I’ll l be able to comment further, but this much is clear already – the restoration has been a resounding success!