‘Lads, build good pianos and the rest will take care of itself’

This was the advice given by Wilhelm Grotrian to his sons when considering how best to secure the future of his fledgling company of piano builders, Grotrian-Steinweg.

It was certainly sound advice, and has seen the company thrive since its foundation in 1835. We are great fans of Grotrian pianos at Makin Pianos, and believe them to be among the finest available on the world market today. The instruments have always been made in Braunschweig, Germany where production continues to this day.

Importantly, the pianos remain 100% German in every respect. The company is owned entirely by the Grotrian family, and the business is currently in the hands of the fifth and sixth generation.

Continuity of ownership is so important in ensuring that the character of the instruments remains true to the spirit and vision of the founders. For Grotrian, the process of piano building over the years has therefore been one of gradual evolution rather than radical change.

Touch the keys of a Grotrian, and the integrity of the manufacturing process shines through. It’s not easy to remain true to such an uncompromising philosophy in today’s marketplace – crowded as it is with piano-making “wannabes” from countries with little or no tradition of building pianos.

That’s one reason why we like to support this wonderful company, and we always have a good selection of instruments available in our showrooms for piano enthusiasts to sample.

Hope to see you soon!