Steingraeber Pianos

Handmade in Bayreuth since 1852

Pianos without compromise.

Hand-made in Bayreuth, Bavaria these instruments are amongst the finest ever made. Udo Steingraeber and his team are incredibly passionate about the pianos they produce.

Steingraeber’s vision is not to be the largest piano company in the world – simply the best. These magnificent upright and grand pianos are produced in small numbers, by hand.

Steingraeber pianos can be produced and customised to your own specification and taste – the possibilities are without limit. Pilgrimages to Bayreuth are positively encouraged – just ask and we will arrange everything for you.

130 T-PS Upright Piano


With Steingraeber’s most successful upright, Model 130, you are in fact buying the equivalent of a high quality 5’3” baby grand. This is due to the very generous string length and expansive area of the soundboard.

Often selected by private buyers and music conservatories over mass-produced baby grands. Play and be astonished.

B-192 N Grand Piano


The B-192 sets a new standard for grands of this size (6’4”). Built entirely without compromise.

It’s the most popular Steingraeber grand for use in the home and is for the individual or musical institution looking for the very best that money can buy.

Available to order


122 T Upright Piano


The smallest of the line-up of uprights, but still features Steingraeber’s hallmark intelligent design, quality and attention to detail.

138 K Upright Piano


One of the tallest upright pianos on the world market, the sound it produces is comparable to a six-foot grand. The motto “better a first class upright than a mediocre grand” very much applies to this outstanding instrument.

A-170 N Grand Piano


Although physically small in size, this 5’7” grand produces a sound which completely belies its modest dimensions. Truly a professional-grade instrument.

C-212 N Grand Piano


This is the direct descendent of the Steingraeber Liszt grand piano, the legendary model 205.

Its finely differentiated sound spectrum and registers make it especially suited for use in recording studios and music conservatories.